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How to Treat Chikungunya with Homoeopahty?
Published By Dr.Simran on 2010-12-15 2853 Views

1) Eupatorium Perfoilatum- Aching bone pain in the limbs and muscles with fever. There may be severe bone pain. Aching pain in the bones of extremities with soreness of flesh, great thirst with tendency to vomiting and chilliness during drinking, perspiration relives all symptoms except headache.

2) Gelsemium Sempervirens- Assoicated with severe headache. Thirstlessness, slow pulse, muscular pains. There may be drowsiness, dullness and dizziness.

3) Rhus Tox- Fever with restlessness, polyarthritis and maculopapular rashes. Thirst not satsified with drinking. Pain and stiffness in joints, aggravated from first motion and ameliorated from first motion and ameliorated from continued motion if possible.

4) Bryonia alba- Fever with aching in every muscle. Dry mouth with excessive thirst, kness stiff and painful. Bursting, splitting headache. Joints pale but swollen and hot with stiching and tearing pain. All symptoms aggravated by motion and ameliorated by absolute rest.

5) Arsenicum album- Restlessness and anxiety with fear of death during fever. Weakness out of proportion to disease condition. Unquenchable thirst, nausea and vomiting immediately after taking water or food. Fever paroxysm at midday or midnight.

5) Pulsatilla Nigricans- Fever with chilliness but burning in legs and fear of death only during fever. Thirstlessness and wandering joint pains.

6) Cinchona Officanalis- Pain in limbs and joints as if sprained, aggravated from slight touch, ameloirated from hard pressure. Swoolen joints. Debilating night sweats. Anorexia after recovery may be cured with single dose.

7) Belladona- High fever with burning heat. No thirst with fever. Joints swollen, red, shining with red streaks radiating. Heat, redness, throbbing and burning.

8) Pyrogenium- Septic fever, tmeperature rises rapidly but not proportionate to pulse. Great heat with profuse hot sweat that does not cause fall in temperature. Aching in limbs and bones. Pain on first motion is not so severe as in Rhus Tox.

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