Review Of The Body Care Insta Glow Face Pack

The Body Care insta glow face pack is a natural herbal fruit pack made out from herbal ingredients. It contains very important and natural properties of orange peel, papaya and apple. It also contains saffron and milk enzymes in good amount needed to enrich the skin with essential and skin nourishing properties.

The Body Care insta glow face pack is hundred percent derived from the vegetable kingdom and it is not tested on animals. It is hundred percent vegetarian and contains only herbal extracts and no chemicals or animal products in it.

The Body Care insta glow face pack is of dull

yellow colour and has good fragrance. It is very good quality wise and give you amazing results. Clean the face and neck with good cleanser before the application of insta glow face pack on face. Apply the face
pack on face and neck with fingers, a small quantity can be applied over the wide area. Allow it to dry and let the application remain on face for ten to fifteen or twenty minutes and then wash off with water, rose water or milk. What you see after the wash off of face pack from face is a clean, rejuvenated, nourished, clean and radiant and glowing skin. It suits almost all skin types whether it is dry, oily or sensitive skin, the results of this face pack is amazing. I have personally used it and recommend it to everybody.

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Reference- Review based on personal experience.

Article Written By Dr.Simran

Doctor, Professional Medical Writer and Moderator

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