Benefits Of Radish

Radish is one of the root vegetables which is used as salad and also used to make various recipes by cooking. Not only radish but its leaves are also very nutritious for health. Radish contains lot of healthy nutrients and vitamins which are very good for health. The various health benefits of radish are as follow-

1. Radish contains good amount of vitamin C which is very good for health of your immune system. Radish contains good amount of zinc and copper necessary for healthy formation of red blood cells.

2. It also contains good amount of iron necessary for healthy formation

of hemoglobin and also for good functioning of immune system of our body. Radish also contains good amount of vitamins form vitamin B series. It contains all the vitamins form vitamin B complex series. Vitamin B12, vitamin B9 and B1 are all contained in radish at one place. That is it suffices all the need of B vitamins by your body.

3. Radish leaves

are also very beneficial for your health. These leaves are used to make delicious recipes. The extract of radish leaves helps a lot in preventing arthritis and rheumatic pain.

4. Radish also helps in preventing anemia by supplying the sufficient amount of iron present in its leaves and roots. Radish leaves are very good for diabetic patients and should be included in diet plan of diabetic patients, as it helps a lot in preventing diabetes by decreasing increased blood glucose level.

5. Radish is also a good detoxifier as it helps a lot in preventing the harmful toxins from harming your body and it also helps in detoxifying and scavenging toxins out of body.

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